RAR is the native format for WinRAR file. RAR file is container like other archives; it has the ability to store one or more file in compressed format. It has more advanced features than zip file like tight compression including multimedia and text modes. In order to use the contents of RAR file you need to unzip it. While unpacking RAR file has got an error? Or are you trying to unpacking RAR file by an unknown method. RAR file may get corrupt due to various reasons such as header corruption, broken or incomplete download, CRC error.

If you are not able to open RAR file then don’t get panic, you have a better choice to get back your contents. The software “Repair RAR” will help to mend corrupted RAR file. This software has the strong RAR repair algorithms.

Common RAR file corruption scenarios:

  • CRC error: CRC is used to check whether sent data and receive data is same. There are many reasons for the occurrence of CRC errors. CRC errors may be caused due to electrical noise that has been integrated with cabling system, bad cabling and connectors or possibly due to errors in the electronic of a transmitting interface.
  • File Header corruption: File header is most important part of the RAR file. File header will contain most important information like file name, size of file etc. RAR File header may get corrupt due to various reasons such as virus attack, changing the file extension, substantial damage to disk space. If the RAR header file gets corrupted then RAR file may refuse to open it. If you try to decompressa large RAR file using WinRAR tool it will give an error. Then you need to repair that large RAR file using this tool To know more about large RAR file reapir, visit: http://www.repairrar.net/large-files.html.
  • Unexpected end of achieving error: While accessing WinRAR archive we may get this message very commonly. We may face this error message at start of download or may get after some megabyte download. Download process over and stops. After that trying to open the RARfile it throws an error message due to RAR file corruption. During this situation mend damaged RAR file with ease.
  • Unknown compression method: Compression is main important step, if you miss first step then it causes problems while unzipping RAR file. For example if you compressed file using zip method and try to open using RAR method then it will show the error.
  • Bad sector in the Hard disk: Almost all the files are stored on hard disks only. If we stored the RAR file in hard disk that has a bad sector problem then RAR file may get damage. During this situation software will create a disk image of bad sector and then performs get back corrupted RAR file.
  • Broken or incomplete downloads: While downloading compressed file or RAR file from the internet, if the sudden network problem happens or network slow connection may cause the incomplete download. Sometimes an incomplete downloaded file gets corrupted due to CRC error. During this situation, you can easily mend incomplete RAR file with this software.
  • This software can repair damaged RAR file very easily
  • Fix RAR file having size more than 4 GB or more
  • You can empower this amazing software to repair WinRAR file is corrupted error and password protected RAR files which are unable to open in need.
  • Supports all versions of RAR file
  • It has ability to fix RAR file read errors with more efficiency and accuracy.

  • Totally automated repair process
  • In addition to Windows XP, this software also used in Windows vista, Windows 7, Windows server 2000, 2008 etc.

    If you wnat to know how this tool repairs RAR file on Windows 8, then visit: http://www.repairrar.net/tool-for-windows-8.html

  • It can easily fix partially downloaded RAR file in just a few simple clicks of mouse.
  • This software can be used by technical as well as non technical people without a problem
  • Fix damaged RAR file created in any version of WinRAR. In order to know more about the software visit the site http://www.repairrar.net/winrar.html

Requirements: Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

Steps to be followed:

Step 1: Download and install the software, a screen appears where you have to browse for the broken RAR file and then click "Repair" button to start repairing process and then move to the next step.

RAR Fixer For XP- Select RAR file

Figure 1 : Select RAR file

Step 2: After clicking on the repair button, the application will immediately start repairing RAR file. Once file gets repaired, you will be able to preview all files by clicking "Preview" option.

RAR Fixer For XP - Preview Repaired RAR File

Figure 2 : Preview Repaired RAR File

Step 3: You can save the repaired RAR file by selecting desired location where you want to save them into your PC as shown in Figure 3,use full version of the software

RAR Fixer For XP - Save RAR File

Figure 3 : Save RAR file

Requirements: Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

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