Sending data to a person who is very far is possible through internet. But it has size limit for the attachments of the emails. Then the archive files which solved the size limitation problem. The ZIP and RAR are the archive files which can have huge data by compressing those files and folders. RAR archive files are the archive files that support data compression, error recovery and file spanning. These have excellent compression ratio, better compaction of files and reduced time of compression of files. Hence RAR is preferable to compress and save the files. As the size of the file is small, the transfer of the file across the internet is faster.


There are many decompressing tools to extract files from RAR files. You can install those on the computer and extract the files. When compared to other tools, WinRAR gives you blazingly fast speed to archive and unarchive files. WinRAR is one of the tools for compressing, decompressing and recovering files on the computer. It can decompress almost all the file formats and compress files to ZIP and RAR. The RAR file may be lost and you had recovered it using a recovery technique. But the RAR file is corrupted after recovery. You need to find a way to fix recovered RAR files effectively.

There are times when the RAR files refuses to open and you will lose the huge amount of data compressed in it. Suppose you have downloaded a RAR file from the internet and not able to open it. When you try to open it using WinRAR, the error message, “no files to exact” is getting displayed. Are your files in the RAR archive lost forever? Can’t you fix the problem to get back your data? These are few questions which arise on your mind. Of course, you can repair the RAR files after RAR error no files to extract. You need a good repair tool to fix the corrupt RAR. Repair RAR is one of the best tools for corrupt RAR repair.

What might be the root cause for the error, “no files to extract”?

The cause for the error is the header corruption. Every file will be having a header which is referred by the Operating System while opening the file. The file header might have got corrupted for several reasons. Some are given below:

Improper compression: There are various methods of compressing into RAR file. You can choose any of the methods to compress the files. While compressing, the header of the RAR file may get corrupted due to improper compression. You will not get to know about the corruption till you try to access the RAR file. You can fix corrupted RAR files using repair RAR tool.

Partial download: While downloading the files from internet, you may end up downloading the file in corrupted form. The server may be down or the power may surge suddenly while downloading. The RAR file will get affected and you will not get the access to the archived files in it. In such situations, you need repair tool. Repair RAR is the reliable RAR file repair tool.

Virus attack: The RAR file on the computer may get infected by virus and the header of the file may get corrupted. Therefore the computer should be protected from virus to avoid such corruption of RAR files. RAR file repair is possible using repair tool. Repair RAR helps you repair the RAR file efficiently and extract the files in it.

Interruption while copying: You might be copying the RAR file to the external drive. While copying the system may hang or power surge may occur. When you see the status of the file which you were copying, it shows as copied, but the file may not be copied fully. You won’t be able to extract the files out of the RAR file. You can use repair tools to fix and extract the files from RAR files.


Important features of repair RAR tool:

Repair RAR tool helps to repair corrupted RAR files effectively. It can even fix password protected RAR files on the computer. The tool has user friendly interface for the ease of use. It has lots of advantageous features like, it supports repairing RAR files of all versions, it implements completely automated process to repair RAR files, it can fix CRC error in RAR file, etc. The demo version of the software is available to check the recovery result and evaluate the results before buying the software.

Employ this award winning software to easily mend RAR Archive after CRC error on Windows OS of different versions such as Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, etc with utmost ease.

Requirements: Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008


Steps to repair RAR files after “no files to extract” error:


Step 1: Download and install Repair RAR tool on your computer. Launch the software and browse the corrupt RAR file and click on "Repair" button.

Repair RAR after CRC error - Main Window

Figure 1 : Main Window


Step 2: The software starts the fixing process of the damaged RAR file. You can preview the files in the RAR file once the fixing is done.


Repair RAR File after CRC error - Preview Screen

Figure 2 : Preview Repaired RAR File

Step 3: Save the RAR file at a location on the computer by browsing the path.

Requirements: Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008


Save RAR File Screen

Figure 3 : Save RAR File



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